Samsung Galaxy S10 Cheapest Variant To Feature 64GB Of Internal Storage

The next highly anticipated smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy S10. This is the tenth anniversary of Galaxy smartphones and Samsung is looking to go all out and make it one to remember. There have been multiple leaks regarding the smartphone. However, apart from the rest, there’s a new one which seems particularly interesting. A new leak reveals that there will be a 64GB variant of the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S10. If you didn’t already know, the device is rumoured to make an official appearance in three models. We have learnt that the lowest end model, which is also the cheapest, will come equipped with 64GB of internal storage.

Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S10 To Arrive With 64GB Of Internal Storage

The Samsung Galaxy 10 is rumoured to launch in three variants with the lowest priced variant coming with just 64GB of RAM. The entry-level model bears the model number SM-G970x and will be the base variant of the Galaxy S10. The other two which bear the model numbers M-G973x and SM-G975x will in all likelihood feature 128GB of internal storage. While the storage has been cut down by half on the base variant, it’s unsure about whether or not it will have the same amount of RAM as the other two variants.

Rumours suggest that there could even be a Samsung Galaxy S10 X 5G variant which will be equipped with a massive 12GB of RAM. However, most of this is based on hearsay and leaks. Other rumours have even suggested the possibility of the smartphone featuring a triple rear-camera setup. However, even if this is true, it will probably be reserved for the topmost variant of the Galaxy S10. Unfortunately, none of this can actually be confirmed and the only way of known is waiting for an official confirmation from Samsung!

A new leak suggests that the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S10 model may come with 64GB of internal storage. The other two models are expected to come with 128GB of internal storage.

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