Future Samsung Phones May Feature A Squeeze Based Navigation System

Samsung’s bent dual-edge display does not just look beautiful, it can be incredibly functional. Per a recently unearthed patent that was actually submitted last year, the South Korean behemoth is envisioning a new kind of UX that makes use of a pressure sensitive display. We have seen one application of this already in the form of the pressure sensitive virtual home key seen on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 series.

Called ‘Electronic Device And Method Of Controlling the Electronic Device Based On Touch Input,’ the patent filed in South Korea in April 2017 outlines ways to interpret different levels of pressure to trigger different actions. For instance, the pressure on both sides of the screen can be calculated to determine if it was squeezed. This can activate different functions. For instance, a hard squeeze may signal the system to turn off the display.

The application also describes the use of a pressure sensitive power key that can function in the same manner as the virtual home key to perform different tasks. The pressure of your touch would be calculated to determine the action to trigger, which could range from putting the display to sleep to rebooting the phone. The display would also show which was action was undertaken to the user. This concept could have broader implementations, which means it could also be applied to volume rockers or maybe a completely new set of virtual buttons.

Samsung is not the first company to pursue this idea. It has previously been seen on the HTC U11 in the form of Edge Sense and on Google’s Pixel smartphones by the name of Active Edge. It is also worth mentioning that tech giants file a lot of patents every year and not all of the proposed technologies are commercialized. However, such a UX could surely reduce the footprint of Samsung’s phone, something which all nearly all OEMs are striving for these days.